• 11 Ways A Humidifier Can Take Your Ambience To The Next Level: Improve Your Health, Skin, and Home.

    Autumn / Winter air is dry air. Humidifiers put moisture back into the air, which can create a lot of benefits for you and your family.

    A 2013 study, for example, showed that increasing humidity levels to 43 percent or above significantly reduced the ability of airborne viruses to cause flu infections. In fact, in a low humidity environment, 70-77 percent of viruses could transmit the disease through coughs, but when humidity was increased to 43 percent or more, that number dropped to only 14 percent.

    An earlier 2009 study showed similar results, with humidity limiting the transmission of the influenza virus.

    Getting a humidifier may help you avoid getting sick this Winter, but it can also give you softer, more glowing skin, and even help you reduce seasonal stress.

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  • Awaken Your Natural Brilliance

    Brought to you by Zinganics.com

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    Supporting Your Healing Journey Through Ancient Wisdom

    AwakenYour Natural Brilliance


    Starting When You’re Ready...


    Yoga Mat



    • Healing for every bit of you

    • Massive boost in energy

    • Calming

    • Relaxing

    • Ease stress & tension

    • Ease inflammation

    • Bring hormones into harmony

    • & much much more

    Attendants are encouraged to Come in (loose) Wakanda inspired attire & Body Art on 19th April which will be a Wakanda inspired moving art session. Get creative! .

    Basu Nzinga


    07539 733 415


    Energy Exchange Rate Ask for my pricelist via Email: yoginizing@hotmail.com

    From £3

    Date: You Set The Date

    Time: You Set The Time

    Venue To Be Confirmed to Your Liking.

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  • Activate Your Awesome

    Hey there thanks for following the link(s).

    I have been finding my journey as a Basu so tremendously accelerating. The more I teach the more I learn. I guess It reinforces the old addage the student becomes the teacher. I absolutely loved yoga for years anyway. That I get to further deepen my practice by sharing with others is just an awesome added bonus. There is just this added juicy synergy, I find, when sharing practice with others. I found after just couple class in my 1st series I was able to let my inner Healer land in Class. To be honest I don't know why that was an issue since I am, if you know me, "all about the healing straight know leaning". Anyway it has been so awesome for my own inner journey to share so Iam uber excited to share another series with you. To book on simply touch over to shop.

    Select the appropriate option for you

    I am offering: A * BOOKING ONLY* 8 week Yoga Series

    Energy Exchange Rate : £10 (£8.50 returning students)

    £5 Concessions (OAP/ Students/ etc) (2.50 returning students)

    **Pay up front and save 25% Save! Whole 8 WEEK Series £60 / £30 Concessions (bring proof to class)

    Date: Every Thursday from 20th September - 8th November

    Time: 6.30-7.30pm * BOOK NOW*



  • 5 Ways Essential Oils Changed My Life

    In this article I will share with you how Essential Oils have changed my life. Along with all the wonderful things I have learned about them since including them in my healing journey.

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  • Sweet Poison

    In this article I will share with you why: You should be vigilantly checking ingredient labels on food for sugar(s), Sugar is causing you a host of health problems and you should be switching to a, truly natural, alternative sweetener because other so called "natural / alternative" sweeteners are actually worse.

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