• Looking Within: Gut Wellness & Divinity

    Gut health and Divinity with Sema Kemet Yoga. Activating the second brain

    operating from divinity being here now honouring intuition reconnecting to your

    natural brilliance up to very recently the mainstream media and education has

    pulled us away from inner union or divine union this disconnection is the cause of

    all sickness according to the philosophy of ancient Kemet.

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  • A Doula is Born: A Birthing Story That Birthed a Doula!

    Hey thanks for clicking this article. In

    this article I describe my last birth experience

    and end with a poem that for me helped

    me seal in what I know now is part of my

    purpose. Which is to be a Doula and be

    there to support other mothers to have

    the birth that they deserve

    yeah so keep reading on how you enjoy

    and I hope it gives you something especially

    empowerment, I hope it empowers you

    whether you're a soon to be mom or

    you are a Doula that is not

    quite born herself yet…

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  • Energy Healing and Abundance

    So, in this article I will discuss some of the things you can work on & transform in your life to anchor more abundance in all areas of your life around abundance using energy healing techniques. So, let’s start with a definition of chakras and abundance.

    Chakras / Arit (Medu Ntr) are centres of power in the body. These energy centres govern the glands associated with that region of the body. So, you can already see how critical it is that we keep them balanced.

    Abundance is a very large quantity of something / more than enough for requirements.

    It is important to see here that abundance is not only necessary in say money and resources but also in all other areas of your life. Such as abundance in: Spiritual connection, confidence to intuitively express yourself, capacity to give and receive love, confidence in abilities to take inspired action, abundance in sacred relationships (is your social circle enriching to you?), and finally safety security and stability are you able to meet your most basic needs i.e. food clothes and shelter do you have stability? Is there an abundance of that?

    We’ll discuss Chakras and abundance, food that support Chakra balance, Yoga Poses, Crystals, Colour, Food & finally Essential Oils that support Chakra balance that will align you for abundance.

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  • Sensual Me Renewed Writing Myself Alive

    Sensual Me Renewed Writing Myself Alive

    I now sew seeds sensual me

    Reawaken the me I felt dead and buried

    Free my mind I deserve joy

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  • Yoga for Prostate Health

    It is generally known that Exercise generally is excellent for ridding the body of toxins. Did you know though that Yoga is an ancient healing tool known to attune the body for optimum health and wellness? In this offering I will share several poses that are excellent for prostate health along with suggested affirmations.

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