• 10 Ways to Cope with Stress Naturally

    I often get asked how it is that I cope with stress so well. So I'd like to share with you in this article some habits that I've come to take for granted that combat stress head on and also have some other really great benefits too.


    My number one tool for stress busting has always been and will always be BREATHE. Nothing more soothing or calming than some real deep breaths. 3 minutes of fire breaths I find really calming and can carry me through any amount of stress. Fire breaths involve using the stomach as a pump bring the air deep down into the abdomen and pressing the air out by sucking the belly in about 4 times slowly to warm up them around 100 to begin with, increasing by 100 more breaths every week. Graduating eventually to 1000.


    Meditation. Breathing and meditation go hand in hand. I get into a higher meditation much quicker once I have used a breathing technique such as breath of fire, which I picked up at Yoga class. Find a quiet place. Sit or lay comfortably. Now begin to breathe nice and deep which will just mean breathing naturally. You should find the rapid "fire breathing" has prepared you for deeper breaths. Now close your eyes. Breathe deeper still take the breath down to your stomach feel the breath loosening your body up and nourishing you all at once. Sinking into the feeling of total relaxation. Stay in that special place of peace for at least 5 minutes eventually increasing every day until you can meditate at least one minute for every year of you life. Thoughts may come to mind your task here is to focus on nothing but the nourishing breath.


    Again another technique I love is Visualisation closely linked to Meditation. Using the same relaxing state of mind this time you are seeing yourself in the situation as you would like for it to turned out. What outcome would you like? Picture yourself in that situation with everything resolved. What are people saying? Who is there? How are you feeling? Really enjoy the visualisation. This is a very powerful technique that works wonders on helping you to focus your mind on a positive outcome to the exclusion of any obstacles.

    I once had a confrontation to deal with and the night before I sat nervously visualising how I wanted the following day to go and to my own amazement it went even better than I had visualised I was actually quite stunned! The person was actually telling me how much they admired my tenacity for life and my goals.


    Shake It Off! I find that when I'm stress having a good Dance or Yoga session really helps me to rise above what seems like insurmountable obstacles to see clearly what is I have to do to overcome them. After a good I know exactly what it is I have to do in bite size chunks and I know I have exactly what it takes to complete these tasks. I like to incorporate affirmations into my movement therapy. I picked this up from Queen Afua's Sacred Woman and in Yoga Class.


    Affirmations. For instance while I'm in 'bridge / crab' I will affirm "I am a bridge over troubled waters I overcome all that life gives me". Your words have much power use them wisely. The words you utter should be in the present tense. As if the situation is happening now! You can utter them anywhere not just in Yoga class even in the supermarket in the middle of your exam or at work.


    Talk To The Right People. When you are experiencing stress its a great idea to talk to someone but not someone who often makes you feel worse. talk to someone who is coping or has coped well in similar stressful situations find what it is they did to cope. You should find yourself confidence boosted because you know it can be done because if they can do it you can do it right?


    Sleep. I can not stress how important it is to sleep well during times of stress. I know it can be tough getting to sleep during those times but its even more critical than normal to get your sleep at the time. You subconscious mind will actually get to work solving the problem you are facing while you rest. but guess what if you do not sleep you yourself are defeating the object. So do yourself a favour get out of you own way and get some sleep: Count those sheep, play relaxing music, burn essential oils, bath with you favourite aromatherapy oils, give yourself a massage with you favourite essential oils, drop a few drops on you pillow at night, use the sweet Aroma of lavender Essential oil on you clothes, and you could also rub it into your temples with a base oil like Sweet Almond oil to relieve stress.


    Clear Your Space. One thing I don't cope well with, that gets my stress levels soaring is arguments and confrontation. Everyone hates an argument right? What I have found is great is clearing my space with a herb or resin such as: Sage or Frankincense. Right in the middle of an argument I have experienced a complete change in mood of all involved in the argument to the point that they do not even recall what they were arguing about. Within minutes frowns become smiles and even hugs. I will hasten to add that lighting up the Frankincense as soon as you feel any tension brewing is ideal. Only because you can't take back things said and done!


    Time Management. Schedule the time within the deadline you have so that you know that you have time to give the task at hand all you've got then you can relax and get on with it knowing you have got enough time. At these scheduled time turn of you phone and don't answer any text you sole focus is the problem you are solving 2on schedule" i.e. revising for an exam.


    Food. Finally another thing I'm conscious of when I'm stressed is what I'm putting in my mouth. What we eat are affects our mood. So we want to be eating food that is full of life and energy. We want to say no to food that we notice makes us feel sluggish because that sluggishness can rob you of the confidence you need to tackle the situation at hand. Surround you self with fresh fruits and vegetables, and lots of water.

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    • 1. Feb 6 2017 10:31AM by Carmen

      Love the blog post. Totally agree. I use many of the same strategies to cope with stress myself. Another technique I've found useful is identifying any tension you're holding in your body that's associated with the stress, and gently letting go of it. Whenever it comes back let it go again...and keep doing it. Eventually you will have trained your body not to hold on to the tension associated with any stressful situation you find yourself in.

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