• 5 Ways Essential Oils Changed My Life

    In this article I will share with you how Essential Oils have changed my life. Along with all the wonderful things I have learned about them since including them in my healing journey.

    Hair Care

    About 8 years ago I was suffering with a growing patch of hair in the centre of my head becoming thinner and thinner. At first it was about the size of a finger nail then it got to the size of a 50p piece. I was going through a lot of stress and sleeplessness at the time so turned to my old love 'Nature' for remedy. I found that rubbing or massaging a blend of oils for at least 15 minutes a day , in the affected area, before bed preferably to help me unwind and tackle my sleep problem really helped me to resolve this issue quickly and effectively. Within about 6 weeks I started to feel hair growing back in that once receding patch and by about 6 months the area was completely thriving once again. I must mention that during that same period I also focused on: using better coping methods to combat stress, increasing water intake (6-8 glasses per day), Sleeping at least 8 hours per night, watching that I was getting life giving foods in every single day, finding fun ways to exercise regularly and just generally being as happy a bunny as possible. You see there is know miracle cure just a whole look at your life to see where you may be falling short. University of Maryland Medical Centre found massaging hair with several oils Improved hair growth. The Blend I love is contained in Zinganics Hair Serum please see a short Article coming shortly on the benefits and properties of the oils in ZHS. Lavender is my absolutely favourite.

    Enhanced Mood

    Before falling absolutely in love with essential oils way back as a teenager I found myself often worried, stressed out, whiney, and generally fed up. I still have my moments now just now I know what to do when I feel a mood brewing. Essential oils seriously helped me to unwind over the years for example: During exam periods, after a bad break up, Work stressors, other life events such as pregnancy and Child Birth. Lavender again would be the oil I just kept coming back to. Also Aromatherapy is seeing me through a period of grief after losing my Dad. Northumbria Research Link found, when studying the effects of lavender, that those using Lavender were more content than those who hadn't used it. I have Found Eucalyptus and Citruses, like Lemon to be deeply uplifting.

    Memory and Capacity

    Northumbria Research Link also found that those that used rosemary had better focus, concentration and memory recall than those who had not used rosemary essential oil. In my experience I notice I am way less forgetful when I use Rosemary especially during busy periods. I feel mentally sharper when I use Rosemary I tend to dab a Rosemary blend on my collar and cuffs when I know I am having a busy period.

    First Aid

    If my children have any accidents. I rinse the injury with clean water, & disinfect with a watered down blend of essential oils most likely Tea Tree in a spray bottle or on cotton wool about 1-2 drops to 30ml. Essential Oils are essential to your first aid kit because the are Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Septic. Lucy Corkhill on thegreenparent.co.uk writes that if we are going to have one oil it should be Lavender as it is antibiotic and anti-septic.

    Personal Hygiene & Beauty

    I wanted to come away from using regular toiletry products when learned that they often contain harmful products such as carcinogens like Fluoride, SLS, Parabens etc. Essential Oils ensure I can still have a winning smile and smell great too evening after a mega work out. I've tried blending a simple Toothpaste, Hair Tonic, Shampoos, Mouthwash, Fabric Conditioner, Body wash, Face cream, Lip balm, Hand cream, Body scrub, Multi purpose house hold cleaner etc... so far.

    The opportunities to be creative are infinite. This is such an exciting to time to be alive because we know longer have to stand aside and watch as loved ones are lost wondering will this be our fate too instead we can take our wellness into our own hands. Hopefully it has been seen the benefits are manifold. Feel free to comment below on how Aromatherapy has impacted you life.

    Copyright (C) Nzinga Wenham 2017



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