• Sensual Me Renewed Writing Myself Alive

    Sensual Me Renewed Writing Myself Alive

    I now sew seeds sensual me

    Reawaken the me I felt dead and buried

    Free my mind I deserve joy

    All the tools employed

    The me I lost to the trauma

    Is reborn each Uja I adorn her

    I fulljoy soul connections as I wait

    For my divine twin soul mate

    I am vibrating at my highest rate

    My mind body and soul in aligned state

    I am fulljoying abundance naturally

    I am sharing my worth Auset to the Khemmunity

    I am pulling in my divine love magnetically

    I am making love to him ecstatically

    I am standing in my power unapologetically confidently

    Nuk Pu Sekhmet I am protected alternate realities

    Nuk pu Auset I am inspired divinely

    To share teachings with Khemmunity

    Lifting them to status true asset Globally

    By first being that to me impacting the world humbly

    Reflecting in my balance consistently

    Surrounded by higher vibrational beings in 3D inevitably

    No way for misaligned to get me

    I keep fire burning consciously

    Turning it all the way up full beam

    Gathering champions Queen Nzinga’s Team

    There is space for my love and success

    So right now I just big up my ches’

    Ready for the flood of divinely inspired steps

    I’ll unwaveringly take in love no less

    Flood of love connections leading me back to Lotus station

    Where I stand always complete

    The journey is the treat

    Yeah life’s been tough a lot of pain

    Now is time to turn my magic on no refrain

    I can show you way better than I can explain

    Stranded in the desert I been ready for the rain

    Things are different now things done change

    I’ll never be distressed again!

    This fire It Cah Tame! (c) Copyright Nzinga 3rd June 2019

    Nzinga is a Certified Sema Kemet Yoga Instructor, Wholistic Health Products Distributor, in Leicester. When she isn't glued to Instagram, she loves to write Creatively and for Social Commentary.

    To reach her feel free to:

    Email: yoginizing@hotmail.com or

    Instagram: @zinganics Wellness products @yoginizing Yoga page or

    Visit: www.zinganics.com


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