• Sweet Poison

    In this article I will share with you why: You should be vigilantly checking ingredient labels on food for sugar(s), Sugar is causing you a host of health problems and you should be switching to a, truly natural, alternative sweetener because other so called "natural / alternative" sweeteners are actually worse.

    According to Victoria Lambert of the Daily Telegraph the average Briton consumes 238 teaspoons of sugar per week. Paediatric endocrinology Professor Lustig of California, San Fransisco, University says: "Obesity Rates are rising in correlation to refined sugar consumption. (Refined sugar is the stuff marked sugar in the shops as well as hidden in ingredients of so many "foods"). John Yudkin Author Sweet White and Deadly showed that consumption of sugar and refined sweeteners is closely correlated with long term disease.

    According to Dr. Laila Africa in his book Nutricide pg 124 Sugar Consumption puts you in seriously increased risk for: Diabetes, Cancer, Skin Disease, Blindness, Menstruation problems, Mental Confusion, Nerve damage, Gum Disease, Heart attack Decreased Oxygen to Brain and Blood Circulation, Osteoporosis it is a longer list which this article hasn't got the space for. Basically according to him "Sugar robs your whole body of vital nutrients because it is a preservative he says and that is what a preservative does it gathers all the nutrients from every organ". (I once heard him say this in a lecture).

    That is every organ! so your ability to fight disease will be lessened because of sugars effects on the Immune system too, your ability to think good quality thoughts will be lessoned because sugars effects on the brain also it literally sucks it dry so your brains capacity is decreased!

    Be careful there are sweeteners out there posing as a good alternative to sugar, for example Aspartame, but they, in truth, are not. While for example Aspartame may be good, in the short run if you are looking to loose weight it is extremely detrimental to you long run health and well being. (Commercially named NutraSweet /Equal) Aspartame will increase your risk of Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia! pg120 Nutricide:

    "...Toxic to thymus ...excessive amounts are toxic to the liver...The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has reported that common symptoms of too much Aspartame include Dizziness, Nausea Vision problems, seizures, malaise and recurrent headaches...menstruation problems neurological complaints and mood swings".

    If that is not a risk you are willing to take why not try: Sarsaparilla as a natural sweetener. Dr Laila Africa recommends Stevia Saying however "the only truly safe sugars are found within the raw vegetable or fruit."

    Sugar is killing you sweetly and slowly I'm afraid! Why not taste the sweetness of nature instead which also comes with shed loads of benefits too? For instance "Stevia: ...Lowers blood pressure and ...blood sugar levels (helping to fight diabetes), has anti-cancer effects, ...100% Natural and 0 Calories. Stevia is looking the one right now!- Kris Gunnars Bsc AuthorityNutrician.com.

    (c) Copyright Nzinga Wenham 24 February 2016

    A bit about the Author:

    Nzinga is a health fanatic since a near death experience in 1998 when an ovarian cyst the size of a new born (40cm) which left maybe 2 more days longer may well have killed her according to medics. Who couldn't tell her what had caused this disease. Yet Dr Laila Africa seemed to know. Dr. Laila's books have changed her life immensely he describes food and other aspects of our lifestyle as toxic! She runs Zinganics.com. For more tips on health and wellness visit www.zinganics.com


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