• Yoga for Prostate Health

    It is generally known that Exercise generally is excellent for ridding the body of toxins. Did you know though that Yoga is an ancient healing tool known to attune the body for optimum health and wellness? In this offering I will share several poses that are excellent for prostate health along with suggested affirmations.


    Inversions are any pose where the heart is elevated above the head i.e. handstand demonstrated, headstand, Dolphin, Plough etc. According to Ayurveda many of the body’s toxins are in the lower extremities. Inversions help to get rid of them.

    Getting into Handstand: Be sure to be fully warmed up before attempting this pose; especially wrist drills; Using a wall (if you like); stand about 2 feet away from the wall: Lower down to all fours safely; make sure your hands are directly under your shoulders and your knees are directly under your hips; spread you fingers out pressing palms into Geb (the earth); index fingers pointed straight ahead in line with forearms and parallel; looking forward; engage your core and glutes; raise up or kick up one or both legs (depending on your ability) to bring them stacked over you hips; point you toes; breathe deeply keep focusing forward & tensing the core and glutes pushing up rather than slouching into the shoulders.

    The suggested affirmations here: I am releasing toxins from my body I seek healing from the abundance of the Earth which divinely supports me. I am well. I have vibrant prostate health.

    Remember to drink plenty of water because the toxins that were in your lymph nodes will now be drained into you blood stream and water will help to safely flush them out of the body.

    Bound Angle pose

    Getting into Bound Angle pose: Sitting on tall on the floor; bring the soles of your feet together on the floor; flopping your knees out to the sides; holding your feet together with your hands.

    Also known as Butterfly pose this pose is great for boosting prostate health. Suggested Affirmation: I am open to an abundance of vibrant health and wellness.

    Warrior II

    Getting into the pose: Starting with your feet about a foot wide of hips on either side; twist the right foot towards the right and keep the left foot at right angles to the left foot; raise your arms parallel to Geb (the Earth); lean towards the right stopping when the knee is stack over the ankle; keeping the back leg straight; looking over the front hand. Hold this pose for a minimum of 3 deep breaths.

    The suggested affirmation: I am a warrior creating vibrant prostate health within my mind which has no choice but to manifest in my experience.

    Bridge Pose

    Getting into Bridge pose: Laying on your back on your mat; hands by your sides on the floor facing palms down; feet together; raise you feet to 90 angle; legs straight; bending at the knees; grab your ankles and lower you feet down to mat as close to your glutes as possible; keeping hold of your ankles; raise you pelvis up to Nut (Sky / ceiling).

    Suggested affirmation: I am a bridge over trouble water I overcome all that life gives me.

    Boat Pose

    Getting into boat pose: Sitting on the floor; feet together; back straight and tall; core engaged; chest lifted; begin to lean back 45 degree angle to floor; begin raising your feet to chest level; calves parallel to the floor and if it is available raise your feet to straighten your legs feet still together and toes pointed; raise straightened arms parallel to legs; hold for minimum 3 deep breaths.

    Suggested affirmations: I am surfing the waves of excellent health & wellness.

    Final words You may also want to use certain oils while practice to boost the impact of their exercise as well as incorporate the amplifying energy of certain crystals into your practice.

    Always seek advice from you GP before attempting any exercise. All exercise shared here work best as a preventative measure. The is no one product or exercise for optimum health all aspects of your life work together. So be sure you are getting enough rest; fluids; fresh fruit and vegetables; are surrounded by positive people; have a range of stress coping tools that you regular use i.e. for me its Yoga.


    Nzinga is a Certified Sema Kemet Yoga Instructor, Wholistic Health Products Distributor, in Leicester. When she isn't glued to Instagram, she loves to


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