• Sema Kemet Yoga w/ Yoginizing at Moat Community College Book by 16th April 2019



  • Calling all Poets, Yogis and Yoginis to Poetry and Poses Flex Your Lyrics and your Limbs

    The Aim of the session is to encourage a creative fusion of Poetry and Poses.

    So call on your lyrical friends and your Yogini or Yogi peoples and lets full joy a great time showcasing our Asanas and Aliterations.

    Each Lyricist will get 5- 10 mins to perform (depending on the numbers).

    It is advised that find a yogi / yogini friend to give creative flow to your words otherwise one will be chosen for you.

    If you have instrumentals to flow to please forward them to me before hand see flier for contacts.

    See you there.



  • Yoga Poses to Support Breast Health

    Anyone who knows me knows I've been raised on the motto "word sound is power", there is power in your tongue etc. Anyone who is into NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming, LOA (Law Of Attraction), African Spirituality or Spirirtuality period knows that the intent and the feeling is the key to manifesting your experience. Getting into your sweet spot before stating your affirmations is key. For me Yoga is one of my favourite ways to get into my sweet spot. So...

    I wanted to share via this article some poses with suggested affirmations along with some statistics on the benefits of Yoga and breast health.

    "Research on yoga in women with breast cancer

    In studies of women with breast cancer, yoga has been shown to reduce fatigue and improve quality of sleep, physical vitality, and overall quality of life.

    Read more ...


  • Benefits Of: Tibetan Singing Bowl

    The first time that I heard a Tibetan Singing Bowl, the sound carried me away to a precious healing moment, an alternate reality. The undertones eventually changed into cascading overtones. I was at a “Sound Journey” Healing session that my Dad used to run. It was one of many instruments he would use to take us all off to fetch things from our subconscious that were beckoning us to our healing, Things our busy live's didn’t allow us time or stillness enough for us to hear.

    An ordained Sangoma Crystal Healer and sound healer, my Dad, I naturally learned from him. I inherited one of his bowls and other instruments of my own and began learning how to play as part of my own healing journey. Read more ...

    A friend was Terminally ill last year and I felt compelled to walk with it on visits to heard bedside, as well as other items Queen Afua’s advises a (Ntrt Hmt) Sacred Woman should always be with in my medicine bag. Death being so close to me made me take a serious look at how much knowledge I have collated over the years and how it is my duty now to be responsible with dispersing that knowledge as timely as I can. My friend passed through earth but it has stayed with me how very grateful she was for the sessions with the Tibetan Singing Bowl and other goodies such as Aromatherapy oils and Impromptu massages. Since then I have more often than not walked with my Medicine bag. Much more conscious of the vibration I am carrying and the impact I have on any room I find myself in, (we all have).

    I truly adore how healing the sounds of these Tibetan Singing Bowls are. Because of the power of these healing tools, I use sound in all my Yoga classes and do private sessions at also, incorporating Colour, Tibetan Signing Bowls and Aromatherapy.

    There are so many benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowls:

    • Reduce stress and anxiety significantly

    • Lower anger and blood pressure

    • Improve circulation and increases blood flow

    • Deep relaxation and pain relief

    • Chakra balancing

    • Increase mental and emotional clarity

    • Promote stillness, happiness and well being. Stimulate the immune system.

    • Aid the immune system and fibromyalgia and psoriasis in individuals that meditate


    Basu Nzinga is a Certified Sema Kemet Yoga Instructor, Wholistic Health Products Distributor, in Leicester. When she isn't glued to Instagram, she loves to write Creatively and for Social Commentary.

    To reach her feel free to:

    Email: yoginizing@hotmail.com

    Instagram: @zinganics Wellness tips @yoginizing Yoga page or

    Visit: www.zinganics.com



  • 10 Ways You Can Level Up With a Detox

    Weight Loss and Management. There are many reasons to do a detox besides losing weight. ...

    More Energy. An energy boost is one of the first benefits of detoxing you'll notice. ...

    Aids Internal Organs. ...

    Boost Immune System. ...

    Fresher Breath. ...

    Glowing Skin. ...

    Improved Thinking. ...

    Shinier Hair...

    Bonus Detox benefit …Demolish Barriers to Healing (The Level Up / Your Best Life).

    Read more ...


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