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    I have been finding my journey as a Basu so tremendously accelerating. The more I teach the more I learn. I guess It reinforces the old addage the student becomes the teacher. I absolutely loved yoga for years anyway. That I get to further deepen my practice by sharing with others is just an awesome added bonus. There is just this added juicy synergy, I find, when sharing practice with others. I found after just couple class in my 1st series I was able to let my inner Healer land in Class. To be honest I don't know why that was an issue since I am, if you know me, "all about the healing straight know leaning". Anyway it has been so awesome for my own inner journey to share so Iam uber excited to share another series with you. To book on simply touch over to shop.

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    I am offering: A * BOOKING ONLY* 8 week Yoga Series

    Energy Exchange Rate : £10 (£8.50 returning students)

    £5 Concessions (OAP/ Students/ etc) (2.50 returning students)

    **Pay up front and save 25% Save! Whole 8 WEEK Series £60 / £30 Concessions (bring proof to class)

    Date: Every Thursday from 20th September - 8th November

    Time: 6.30-7.30pm * BOOK NOW*



  • 5 Ways Essential Oils Changed My Life

    In this article I will share with you how Essential Oils have changed my life. Along with all the wonderful things I have learned about them since including them in my healing journey.

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  • Sweet Poison

    In this article I will share with you why: You should be vigilantly checking ingredient labels on food for sugar(s), Sugar is causing you a host of health problems and you should be switching to a, truly natural, alternative sweetener because other so called "natural / alternative" sweeteners are actually worse.

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  • 10 Ways to Cope with Stress Naturally

    I often get asked how it is that I cope with stress so well. So I'd like to share with you in this article some habits that I've come to take for granted that combat stress head on and also have some other really great benefits too.


    My number one tool for stress busting has always been and will always be BREATHE. Nothing more soothing or calming than some real deep breaths. 3 minutes of fire breaths I find really calming and can carry me through any amount of stress. Fire breaths involve using the stomach as a pump bring the air deep down into the abdomen and pressing the air out by sucking the belly in about 4 times slowly to warm up them around 100 to begin with, increasing by 100 more breaths every week. Graduating eventually to 1000.

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  • My Hair Is Too Nega!: To Chocolate Girls Who Feel Their Hair Is Ugly!

    I am moved to write about a recent conversation I had with a beautiful young sister. This article is for you and others it might touch or inspire.

    The young, beautiful sister expressed unpleasant feelings for her hair. I felt moved to offer her and other chocolate girls ways to love their curls and coils more and more deeply every day.

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