• Energy Healing and Abundance

    So, in this article I will discuss some of the things you can work on & transform in your life to anchor more abundance in all areas of your life around abundance using energy healing techniques. So, let’s start with a definition of chakras and abundance.

    Chakras / Arit (Medu Ntr) are centres of power in the body. These energy centres govern the glands associated with that region of the body. So, you can already see how critical it is that we keep them balanced.

    Abundance is a very large quantity of something / more than enough for requirements.

    It is important to see here that abundance is not only necessary in say money and resources but also in all other areas of your life. Such as abundance in: Spiritual connection, confidence to intuitively express yourself, capacity to give and receive love, confidence in abilities to take inspired action, abundance in sacred relationships (is your social circle enriching to you?), and finally safety security and stability are you able to meet your most basic needs i.e. food clothes and shelter do you have stability? Is there an abundance of that?

    We’ll discuss Chakras and abundance, food that support Chakra balance, Yoga Poses, Crystals, Colour, Food & finally Essential Oils that support Chakra balance that will align you for abundance.

    The Earth Star Chakra Arit / Kara Kasa (Medu Ntr for Chakra) Geb the Earth. Is to with grounding and anchoring. I.e. taking up space not feeling guilty for that. Great Crystal to use for clearing this Chakra are any dark or black including Obsidian of Black Tormaline.

    Colour: Black, Brown, Green.

    Food: Black Garlic, Black radish, Black Grapes.

    Essential Oils to infuse your Healing session with would be: Juniper Berry, Cypress and Myrrh.

    Sema Kemet Yoga Poses would be: Shu warm up, UjaRa, Geb Rock, Plough, Bridge or Wheel, Forward Bend, Wedge, Arat (Cobra), Spinal Twist additionally Queen Afua’s Sacred womb dance Poses are: Womb Seat Hip Press (Happy Baby); Inner Reflection: Pre-Shoulder stand; Mountain Womb Press (Camel), Waterfall / Frog Pose, Bes Cat, Wide Squat/ Nun / Seat of Auset, Auset Divine Throne; The Birth Split (Box Split); Praise; Volcano; The Pyramid Mountain (legs up the wall). Be sure to lock engage the

    Root Chakra /Pelvic Area while performing these powers for best effects.

    Issues with this Arit / Kara Kasa can show up as health issues in your lower extremities i.e. feet up to Thighs. As well as feeling guilty or apologetic for taking up space & Despair.

    The Root Chakra or Kara Kasa / Arit Ausar & Geb. Is to do with Renewal, Tribe, Tribe, Culture.

    Some great Crystal suggestions to work with for healing this energy centre are Red Jasper or Ruby.

    Colour: Red.

    Food: Raspberries, Cherries, Strawberries, Cranberries, Ginger, Cayenne, Red grapes, Sorrel, Beetroot, Red Cabbage, Radish & Watermelon.

    Essential Oils to infuse into your balancing session are: Vetiver; Ylang Ylang; Ginger; Patchouli; Sandalwood; Cinnamon; Cypress.

    Sema Kemet Yoga Poses to practice to shift blocks are: Nun; Shu arm up; UjaRa; Geb Rock; Shoulder Stand; Plough; Wheel; Wedge; Cobra; Sobek; Nut; Auset’s Divine Throne; Ausar’s Divine Pillar; Khepra; Additionally Sacred Womb Dance Poses are: Advanced Rebirth; Lotus; Womb Seat Hip Press (Happy Baby); Altar; Mountain: Womb Press; Waterfall; Offering Pelvic Release (Sleeping Frog); Wide legged Arat; The Birth Split; Bes (Cat); Wide Squat; Praise; Volcano.

    Issues in the Root Chakra can show up as: Fear; Lethargy; Fatigue; Financial issues; Poor sense of Intimacy; Lack of close companion; feeling spacey or unsafe; Skin problems & issues with Testes and Male reproductive system.

    Sacral Chakra or Arit / Kara Kasa HetHeru / Anubis is to do with Beauty, Abundance, Transmutation, Intimate relationships, Creativity, Finances and Transformation.

    Crystal to work with to heal this energy centre: Carnelian; Orange Amber.

    Colour: Orange.

    Food: Oranges, Carrots, Apricots, Kumquats, Cantaloupe.

    Tangerine; Orange; any Citruses and spices; Lemon Grass; Neroli; Clary Sage; Rosewood; Sandalwood; Cedarwood; Patchouli.

    Sema Kemet Yoga poses to support healing this Arit: Nun; Shu warm up; UjaRa; Geb Rock; Shoulder stand; Plough; Bridge/ Wheel Nut; Auset’s Divine Throne; Headstand; Khepra. Beneficial Sacred Womb Dance Poses include: Advanced rebirth; Lotus legs stride (inverted spilt); Womb Seat Hip Press; Altar (butterfly); Mountain Womb Press; Waterfall; Offering; The Birth; Planets In Motion; Sun Ra Standing or Dancing Squat; Praise; Volcano; Nut Forward fold; Seat Auset; Bes; Spinal Twist; Pyramid Mountain; Rebirthing.

    Issues in this Energy Centre show up as: Guilt; Painful Periods; Infertility; Low Libido; Creative Block & other issues Female Reproductive Organs.

    Solar Plexus or Arit / Kasa Kara Ra / Sekhmet is to do with Purification; Self-Esteem; Ego; Self-Awareness; Maturation.

    Crystals to work with are: Citrine; Yellow Amber.

    Colour: Yellow.

    Food: Papaya, Mangoes, Pineapple, Yellow Apples, Ripe Bananas, Gooseneck squash, Ackee, Grapefruit.

    Essentials Oils to work with: Lemon, Rosemary; Grapefruit; Fennel; Juniper; Lemongrass; Lemon Verbena; Mandarin; Citronella; Bergamot.

    Sema Kemet Yoga Poses: Nun; Shu Air Space; Shu Warm Up; UjaRa; Geb Rock; Wheel / Bridge; Selket (Scorpio); Herumaket (Lion on the Horizon); Auset’s Divine Throne; Khepra; Sacred Womb Dance Poses: Advanced Rebirth; Lotus leg Stride; Womb Seat Hip press; Inner Reflections: Pre-Shoulder stand; Shoulder Stand; Bridge; Mountain Womb Press; Arat; Nut (forward fold); Seat Auset; Bes Cat; Praise; Volcano; Pyramid Mountain.

    Issues show up as: Shame; Poor Digestion; Low Blood Sugar; Low Self-esteem; Lack of Will Power & Adrenal issues.

    Heart Chakra or Arit / Kara Kasa Ma’at & Hetheru this energy is to do with Balance, Justice, Order, Righteousness, Abundance, emotional Power and forgiveness.

    Crystals to work with are: Malachite, Green Jade, Emerald.

    Colours: Green

    Foods: Green vegetables, Wheatgrass, Sprouts, Avocado, Parsley, Watercress, Kale etc

    Essential oils to work with: Eucalyptus; Cedarwood; Pine; Rose; Jasmine; Ylang Ylang.

    S.K.Y. Poses: Uaa Khepri Kares; Shu Air Space; Shu Warm up; UjaRa; Wheel; Fish; Forward bend; Wedge; Twist; Arat; Herumaket; Nut; Ma’at; Auset’s Wisdom Intuition; Auset’s Divine Embrace; Head Stand; Khepra. Sacred Womb Dance: Advanced Rebirth; Inner reflection; Shoulder Stand; Rennenet (Arat); Bes; Spinal Twist; Praise; Volcano; Pyramid Mountain.

    Issues show up as: Greif; Heart Disease; High Blood Pressure; Lack of Empathy; Fear of intimacy & Thymus issues.

    Throat Chakra or Arit / Kara Kasa Tehuti is to do with Wisdom, Resonance, Expression, Choice.

    Crystals: Turquoise, Aquamarine.

    Colour: Sky Blue / Turquoise

    Food: Blueberries

    Essential Oils: Lavender; Blue Cypress; Peppermint; Geranium; Eucalyptus; Bergamot; Tea tree; Chamomile.

    S.K.Y. poses: Shu warm up; UjaRa; Shoulderstand; Plough; Wheel; Fish; Wedge; Twist; Herumaket; Ma’at; Auset’s Wisdom Intuition; Auset’s Divine Throne; Auset’s Divine Throne; Khepra. Sacred Womb Dance: Advanced Rebirth, Inner Reflection, Mountain: Womb Press; Arat; Volcano; Pyramid Mountain.

    Issue show up as: Lies; Sore throat; Thyroid problems; Can’t express feelings; Heart and Mind disconnected.

    1st Eye Chakra or Arit / Kara Kasa Heru & Auset to do with Divine Wisdom & Intuition, Revelation.

    Crystals: Lapis Lazuli or any Navy-Blue Crystal.

    Colour: Navy Blue.

    Food: Blue Berries.

    Essential Oils: Vanilla; Chamomile; Frankincense; Jasmine; Myrrh; Star Anise; Patchouli & White Angelica.

    S.K.Y. poses: Uaa Khepri Kares; Nefertem; Nun; Shu Air Space; Shu Warm Up; UjaRa; Shoulder stand; Plough; Wheel; Fish; Nut; Auset’s Divine Throne; Embrace; Khepra. Sacred Womb Dance: Advanced Rebirth; Mountain Womb Press; Arat; Seat of Auset (deep wide squat); Volcano; Pyramid Mountain.

    Issues: Illusion; headaches; Depression; Hormonal imbalance (Pituitary) & Poor Intuition.

    Crown Chakra or Arit / Kara Kasa AmenRa & Heru is to do with Self-Realisation, Ascension and spirituality.

    Crystals: Amber, Amethyst and Gold.

    Colour: Gold, Amber, Purple.

    Food: Eggplant, Plums, Blackberries, Purple Grapes, Passion fruit, Honey.

    Essential Oils: Frankincense; Jasmine; Lavender & Myrrh.

    S.K.Y. poses Nefertem (Lotus); Shu warm up; UjaRa; Shoulder Stand; Plough; Wheel; Fish; Wedge; Auset’s Divine Embrace; Khepra. Sacred Womb Dance: Rebirthing; advanced Rebirth; Womb Seat Hip Press; Mountain Womb Press; Arat; Volcano; Pyramid Mountain;

    Issues: Pineal; Ego Attachment; Poor Sleep Habits; Difficulty Meditating & Bodily discomfort.

    Soul Star Chakra or Arit Kara Kasa Nut is to do with Sustenance, Soul Purpose.

    Crystals: Silver and Clear quartz.

    Colour Healing: Silver and White.

    Foods: Fasting on Live Juices, Solar Water & Deep Breathing.

    Essential Oils: Frankincense; Grapefruit; Marjoram /Litsea, Spearmint, Winter Green.

    S.K.Y. poses Uaa Khepri Kares; Nefertem; Uua Khepri; Ujara; Wheel; Auset’s Divine Embrace; Khepra. Sacred Womb Dance: Altar, advanced rebirth; Pyramid Mountain any pose that relaxes the whole body and allows for meditation and stillness.

    Issues: Ego Attachment; Poor Sleep Habits; Difficulty Meditating & Bodily discomfort.

    In conclusion Hopefully you can see how you can unblock your energy of limiting beliefs that are disconnecting you from the abundance that is your birth right. A common thread has hopefully been seen, one of lower emotions such as fear, doubt, guilt, etc that cut you off from experiencing abundance. Now you have the tools to identify & to work through your abundance blocks. Opening once and for all the floods gates to an abundant life. Own your space and claim your abundance.

    Finally eat vibrant food of the coloured associated with the Chakra you are working on. i.e. Red Beetroot for Root Chakra and plenty of Red proteins like Red Kidney Beans.


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